My new project gallery runner combines three favourite activities of art, jogging and endless cross-referencing.

refsRight: The map of galleries. Middle: The search for 5 Florians. Left: The search for artists in multiple galleries. Cross referencing and the physical activity of running serve as a means to knowledge of the London gallery scene.

floriansFive Artists Called Florian text on visibility tops. A search through the domain of 1100 artists picked out 5 artists called Florian, whilst illuminating the domain.

largeartGallery Artists, 5’x5′, oil and gold leaf on linen. Each ball represents an idea. Inspired by the group of artists you might see listed under a gallery. The balls also have a physicality as they attract each other whilst filling a space.

smallartArtists 2’x1.5′, marker pen and acrylic on ping-pong balls. Represents a similar relation as above but in a system of many more ideas.