Plus 1: Online Show

This is an online show in which invited Gallery Runner guests take on a chunk of the week’s run, share ideas and as a parting gift receive a souvenir-navigation T-Shirt with the route laid out in reverse text. The aid allows the wearer to look down and navigate when I am not their guide for the day!

Meanwhile there will be plenty of art looking too, and this will be recorded in the usual format of the weekly write-up, with additional input from the co-runner recorded where we decide.

In the first three weeks, uptake has been slow (none!) and I have gone solo but taken the chance to describe a self-generated notional other (if such a thing can exist!). These have been, week 1) Customised Invitation Cards actually sent to key players in the art world featuring their own shows as photographed by Gallery Runner in the hope of gaining some traction, week 2) The List Cycle where artists and galleries were memorised from bits of paper on a series of runs two years ago to form empty memory boxes that have then been filled up with each show subsequently visited, week 3) ? TBA