Parkland Walk, 23rd June

As usual this run is a circular loop, but unlike the standard circuit described elsewhere, it extends further north to take in Parkland walk. This is a nature reserve created from an old railway used until 1970. Graffiti and nature have rounded off the sharp angular forms of trapezoid platforms and decorated the arched bridges. Walkers and cyclists ascend and descend a gentle gradient, which rises up to Highgate from Finsbury Park.

I arrive at Camden Arts Centre. Outside, Anya Gallaccio has draped a long, woven rope structure, approximating the width of a hammock, across a rear part of the main building and out onto the trees in the garden. Its knotted rope filigree is rustic and brown and suggests an affinity with the branches that support it. Some of her earlier work explores decay, such as her salt slabs abandoned on a beach to the fate of a rising tide. However, this newer piece suggests a reversal. The obliteration in the former work, is replaced with knots and weaving in the present.

The themes of use and transformation evoked by Parkland Walk and Anya Gallaccio’s artwork are in stark contrast to the immediacy of what I encounter next at Michael Werner. Jorg Immendorf has painted two childlike figures whose puffed cheeks and inflated torsos provide an irregular, curved contour that has become the cut-out shape of the painting itself, following the logic that this is necessary if there is to be no background.

Soap suds cascade down the yellow cartoonish torsos and collect on the surface of water, still buoyed by the vigour of the sponge that created them, whilst a glimpse through this blue water reveals a foot necessarily tinted green. With this internal logic of an imagination rather than the guiding hand of reality, the picture sends me on my way to complete my own very necessary task of visiting the RA Schools show in Piccadilly.

Parkland Walk between Finsbury Park and Highgate. On the way to the Camden Arts Centre.

Guillermo Kuitca at Hauser and Wirth. The fragmentation cubism-lines become a floor plan.

Anya Gallaccio of Thomas Dane Gallery showing at Camden Arts Centre. Part of Making and Unmaking show.

Victoria Morton at Sadie Coles HQ. Colourful images with beautiful recurring motifs.

Jorg Immendorff at Michael Werner. The babies are iconic symbols of innocence amidst his fierce campaigning against the Vietnam war.

Nairy Baghramian at Marian Goodman Gallery. The pole structures hold the elements together

Anna Paterson at RA Schools Show 2016. Oil, pastel and print on aluminium. Another interesting artist at the RA schools show.

Joseph Grigely shows The Gregory Battcock Archive at Marian Goodman Gallery. Gregory himself is photographed in front of the first plane painted by Alexander Calder for Braniff Airlines in 1972.

Rafal Topolewski at RA Schools Show 2016. Yellow, Orange and Black and Turn. Great paintings.


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