Gallery run 14th July

Peckham to The Sunday Painter for the first time. North over Lambeth Bridge. St Jame’s, Green and Hyde Parks to Michael Werner. East to Timothy Taylor then south to Simon Lee gallery. East along the Thames to White Cube, then south.

Leo Fitzmaurice at The Sunday Painter has created a double room where a polythene sheet divides two of various random objects.

Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart at Michael Werner with human and animal imagery.

David Hammons showing at Simon Lee Gallery. Light hearted show described as being about abject existence.

Great traffic lights on Whitehall.

Wacky benches on the Southbank by Jeppe Hein.

Raqib Shaw at White Cube with self portraits. Intricate images rendered with a porcupine quill using enamel paint.

Markus Lupertz at Michael Werner in a group show with many of the gallery artists. It’s food!

Mike Kelley at Simon Lee Gallery.

Armen Eloyan at Timothy Taylor showing paintings and also bronzes for the first time.

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