Gallery run 22nd December

Isle of Dogs to Limehouse Cut and on to Hackney before entering the City and finding The Barbican.

Ducting outside The Barbican.

Bedwyr Williams at The Curve, Barbican. Installation evoking outside and intimate spaces.

Gunther Forg at Vilma Gold.

K P Brehmer at Vilma Gold. This is a swatch chart that was used (by the German authorities I think) to colour-match media articles. The assumption was that political agitators would create graphics that were darker brown the more extreme their content.

A new type of zebra crossing. Looks like artwork is by Camille Walala, the artist who does amazing building facades.

Phillipe Parreno of Pilar Corrias gallery showing at Tate Modern. Sound installation space.

Mark Titchner of Vilma Gold, showing public art on Southwark Street.

Great plaster-removal mural in Hackney.

Water processing building on the North Bank of the Thames opposite what used to be called the Millenium Dome. The decorative features and facade evoke (to my mind) classical forms associated with the Greek Parthenon as well as pop.

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