Gallery run 8th February

West to East.

Luiz Zerbini of Stephen Friedman Gallery with abstract motifs inserted into vivid naturalistic paintings.

Anya Gallaccio of Thomas Dane Gallery with extruded clay building up a gallery-sized replica of a mountain in the US. A giant 3D printing process will be used to build the mountain up in layers with a honeycomb internal structure for strength but deliberately compromised by the chaotic nature of the wet clay.

Fernanda Gomes of Alison Jacques Gallery with white objects of wood and canvas placed about the gallery.

Florian Roithmayr of MOT International at Bloomberg Space with objects made from processes using basic materials.

Urs Fischer of Sadie Coles HQ with an interactive Rodin replica whose plastacene material has been remodelled by the gallery visitors.

Peter Halley at Stuart Shave Modern Art with 80’s paintings exploring communication and technology with simple but striking painted forms.

Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis at Gagosian with text on painted film-style back drops.

Team Lab of Pace Gallery with an immersive installation that recreates basic forces in nature such as the forces between water droplets, to create waterfalls, vortices, rivulets of water and other natural phenomena from their minute parts.

Barbara Kasten at Thomas Dane Gallery with set-ups made from modern optically attractive materials.

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