Gallery Run 15th January

49I followed the flow-lines through the 28 central galleries . This zig-zag section looks small compared to my complete jog of 47 Frieze participating galleries!

48Elizabeth Peyton at Sadie Coles has a lovely touch in the drawings.

43Bruce Nauman at Marian Goodman is fab!

46Magdalena Kita at Bruce Haines Gallery. She has produced imagery on a variety of exotic skins including wild boar. Bruce Haines was happy to share a chat about the art.

47Wayne Gonzales at Stephen Friedman. This cross hatching is a new technique in contrast to his silhouette type paintings of crowds.

45Claire Barclay at Stephen Friedman. She juxtaposes her curve motifs in leather with strands and some delicate comb-like objects.

44Paintings by Jean Baptiste Bernadet and sculptures by Benoit Plateus at Almine Rech. Simplicity is a theme.

41Gallery Runner enjoyed a sit down and was invited to play a game at Herald Street at Golden Square. That’s my foot sticking out. Oliver Payne has converted a conference chair into something more fun.

42Sunny today!

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