Gallery Run 8th January

31Great imagery on the Hertford Union Canal on the way to Brick Lane.

32The Hertford Union Canal gives a good access route to Brick Lane.

33At Beigel Bake on Brick Lane.

34Approach to Lisson Gallery from the Regent’s Canal.

35Susan Hiller at Lisson Gallery.

36Gordon Matta-Clark in the Maisons Fragiles group show at Hauser and Wirth gallery.

37Fabio Mauri’s installation at Hauser and Wirth. You don’t want to walk into the space at first. These are wax models but you don’t know if there are living people amongst them.

38John Hoyland’s painting at Pace London looks hot! A forged steel support in the gallery is in the foreground. During a previous show by Yto Barrada where ornate carpets were laid on the floor, the same columns looked like the supports of a mosque.

39Luisa Lambri at Thomas Dane gallery. She photographed Lygia Clark’s hinged metal-plate artwork. It was interactive in it’s day and gallery visitors could shape it.

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