Gallery run 18th August

Gallery visits by @juliansharplesart, jogging via canals and parks. 9 pics. This week, Samara Scott Battersea Park and clockwise.

Su Xiaobai at White Cube. Size about 5’x5′ Depth about 6″

Samara Scott of The Sunday Painter at Pleasure Garden Fountains in Battersea Park. The show called Developer uses fabrics deployed in characteristic casual, meaningful and evocative manner.

Jiang Zhi at White Cube. Remember these screen blips from 90’s computer technology?

Thrush Holmes at Beers London using neon and loose brushwork.

Daniel Sinsel at Sadie Coles HQ with more exploration of surface and illusion.

Jeff Koons at Gagosian Gallery with a blow-up stainless steel piece complete with two valves.

Break step!

Jean Michel Basquiat at Gagosian Gallery.

Straight on from the bridge shown adjacent.

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