Gallery run 2nd March

West End to Thames to London Bridge.

Gerhard Richter of Marian Goodman Gallery with parallel lines printed on a grand scale.

Niele Toroni of Marian Goodman Gallery.

Maria Lassnig of Hauser and Wirth with human figures that display their inner sense of being.

Ibrahim Mahama at White Cube with materials used in trade but displayed on epic scale.

Alice Theobald of Pilar Corrias Gallery with film for 3D specs. Good film and installation.

Josiah McElheny of White Cube with a reimagining of Modernism and the different paths it could have taken. 3 separate installations.

John Bock of Sadie Coles HQ with a film and props based on the American Western.


Ian McKeever of Matt’s Gallery with photo painting juxtapositions in deconstructed space.

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