Gallery run 27th October

Regent’s Canal from the west to Hackney.

Tony Cragg at Lisson Gallery with sculptures inspired by organic and technological forms.

Maureen Gallace at Maureen Paley with work inspired by the artist’s local landscape.

Eddie Martinez of Timothy Taylor at Frieze 2016 sculpture park.

Rallou Panagiotou at Ibid Gallery with sculptures inspired by a derelict holiday resort.

Tala Madani at Pilar Corrias with a metaphysical take on disco.

Nairy Bagrhamian at Marian Goodman Gallery in Frieze 2016 sculpture park.

Ed Ruscha at Gagosian with works exploring ideas of extension in space and time.

Jeff Koons at Almine Rech with recreations of old master paintings bearing a mirror ball. Inspiration from Kiss Of Judas by Giotto at The Arena Chapel in Padua.

David Adamo at Ibid Gallery with small figures on ceder plinths.

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