Gallery Run 17th December

blog22Leake street (pictured) will soon appear on a Gallery Runner map as the preferred access to the west end galleries, from the south. The image reminded me of the paintings of Jim Shaw that I would soon be jogging to.

blog25Jim Shaw at the Simon Lee Gallery recycles old theatre backdrops from the 50’s and adds vivid images on top.

blog26Jim Shaw at the Simon Lee Gallery

blog24I enjoyed Erika Verzutti’s show at the Alison Jacques Gallery. “The Painter’s Wife”, 2015, reminded me of a typewriter and also of Paul Noble’s picture shown below.

blog21Paul Noble has produced this great drawing which looks to me like pools of light on a starlit sea.

Gallery Run 13th December

1a1Hello folks welcome to my very first blog as the Gallery Runner. I begin at Regent’s Canal coming out of Limehouse Basin. This is the access route to the first gallery of the day, The Approach.

1a2I was lucky to catch the last day of Sara VanDerBeek’s show before The Approach closes for Christmas.

1a3With this camera angle I find a light installation outside numbers 2 and 4 Herald Street where my next two galleries are.

1a4At Herald Street, the strip lights seemed to strobe when I took photos giving green bands. I liked the effect on Diane Simpson’s elegant assembly with its delicate lines and holes.

1a5With the title of Maze Runner, Phillip Zach’s piece (at Laura Bartlett Gallery) must feature in my inaugural blog!

1a6Cambridge Heath Road opposite AP Fitzpatrick, an art materials shop, reminds me of the pleasure of paint.