Gallery run 10th March

Regent’s Canal to Hackney.

Peter McDonald of Kate MacGarry with figures revealing an inner life through brightly coloured Venn-diagram-like head spaces.

Laure Prouvost at Serpentine Galleries with an atmospheric installation using sound and dimly lit objects.

Simon Ling of Greengrassi with piled logs and characteristic orange under and occasional over-painting.

Dee Ferris at Corvi Mora with natural forms in abstract compositions.

Gerard Hemsworth at Raven Row in a group show recreating their 70’s show at Exhibition House. Excellent tutor at Goldsmiths and this early text work reminds me of many of his pearls of wisdom delivered in tutorials.

John Latham at Serpentine Galleries in a retrospective.

Matt Paweski at Herald Street with aluminium constructions incorporating swirly motifs.

Maja Ruznic at Beers London.

Susan Hiller at Raven Row. Group show celebrating the 70’s exhibition space Gallery House with the original participating artists.

Gallery run 6th July

West through Burgess Park, Lambeth Bridge, Battersea Park to Wandsworth recycling depot. Bacon sandwich, then back east to Chelsea bridge, through Victoria arriving at Gagosian on Grosvenor Hill. Then run to Ibid Gallery, Rodeo Gallery, Sadie Coles HQ and back South over Lambeth Bridge. To Greengrassi, Corvi Mora and South London Gallery. Picked up a postcard artwork there and returned it to the artist’s gallery.

Mark Grotjahn at Gagosian with work that departs radically from his close studies of nature.

Raymond Pettibon at Sadie Coles HQ.

John Adamo at Ibid Gallery. Small ceramic models of biscuits (and crumbs).

Damian Ortega of White Cube showing at South London Gallery in Under the Same Sun. Sculpted tortillas.

Ian Law at Rodeo Gallery. Wrapped hospital screens placed in the very bright sunny corner of the gallery.

Gallery Runner was encouraged to take a postcard from Rivane Neuenschwander’s artwork by one of the gallery assistants at South London Gallery. Only catch is it must be sent on somewhere. Why not to her gallery #stephenfriedman?

Karinruggaber at Greengrassi with a wall assemblage.

Erika Verzutti of Alison Jacques showing at South London Gallery in Under the Same Sun.

Gallery Runner has seen plenty of these along the canals! Simon Ling at Greengrassi with paintings of piled debris on junk barges.