Gallery run 22nd September

This week West to East. Then canal to Limehouse. Plus additional previous run to Casa Abierta at the Argentine Embassador’s residence.

Shezad Dawood Kalimpong at Timothy Taylor with images from past and present of this small town in Bengal worked together.

Amalia Pica of Herald Street showing at Casa Abierta.

Celia Paul at Victoria Miro. Wow! There is really very little there to create this striking image.

Erik Lindman at Almine Rech with steel sheet and paint images. The windows were opened to the gallery and the light coming through them accentuated the reflections on the metal including a line cut with angle grinder.

Tacita Dean at Frith Street Gallery filming David Hockney in his studio having a cig break.

Nigel Cooke at Pace Gallery with images transforming nature into iconic images of fire and the skull on base layers but layered atop with innocent flourishes from 19th century romanticism.

Alison Katz at The Approach with paintings that match up in part to stories she tells on the press release about road trip adventures and other experiences of travel and discovery.

John Cage musical score at Frith Street Gallery using systems of chance to make artistic decisions.

Patricio Forrester with Artmongers presents Political Swing at Casa Abierta at the Argentine ambassador’s residence.

Gallery run 16th September

This week Thames and up to Hackney. Then Regent’s Canal to Limehouse.

Samson Kambalu at Kate MacGarry with an exhibition of situationist documents rephotographed in the Yale College Library. The originals had been controversially sold to the institution in an episode that embroiled their former owner Gianfranco Sanguinetti in criticism and lawsuits along with the present artist.

South Bank London skateboard and bike performance space.

Thilo Heinzmann at Carl Freedman Gallery with bright pigmented gestures on aluminium sheets that are highly resistant to the cuts that have been made to them.

Olivia Plender at Maureen Paley reinterpreting the causal sequences of our historical narratives. Tapestry called Brittania receiving her newest institution. These are where the artist sees much narrative thread-making happening.

Lynette Yiadom Boakye at Corvi Mora with individuals in contemplative situations.

Ik Joong Kang Floating Dreams on the River Thames. Having seen him the previous day in discussion at 5×15 Trinity Buoy Wharf, I knew he instigated and collected thousands of drawings from children. These are placed in large constructions on rivers usually which he sees as connectors not barriers.

Paolo Gioli at Wilkinson Gallery. It’s a camera! This show archives the three basic cameras used by the artist. Who needs a lens when a hole will do? As for a film feed, why not just give it a tug? On show mainly are the resulting experimental films and screen prints.

358Gretchen Faust at Greengrassi with natural forms and cultural artefacts intermixed. This gold leaf piece in Autumn.

359Richard Serra in the City.

Gallery run 8th September

From the Peckham Festival through St James’ Park to Sadie Coles HQ. Along the Regent’s Canal to Stuart Shave Modern Art and finally Marian Goodman’s opening of Giuseppe Penone.

Nicolas Deshayes at Stuart Shave Modern Art. The pipes are hot!

Uri Anan at Sadie Coles HQ with altered objects arranged in boxes and on tables.

Dorothea Tanning FlowerPaintings at Alison Jacques.

Jack McConville Capital Depths at IBID London. Money as water in these paintings.

Giuseppe Penone at Marian Goodman Gallery. Art Povera.

Dinh Q Le The Colony in The Peckham Festival 2016. The use of drones for filming makes for stunning footage about the guano harvesters on a Peruvian island.

Rachel Rose Lake Valley at Pilar Corrias. Animated film with childlike imagery but dealing with universal themes of rejection and loneliness!

David Korty at Sadie Coles HQ with collages text portraits.