Gallery run 23rd March

Regent’s Canal to Hackney.

Andrew Munks at Zabludowicz Collection with fish wearing hats and wigs.

Gardar Eide Einarsson of Maureen Paley with enlarged painted images borrowed from paraphernalia of institutions and then modified.

Paul Scott at Peer with modified old style plates.

Fred Tomaselli of White Cube with enhanced front covers of New York Times.

Anya Gallaccio of Thomas Dane Gallery with an ever growing copy of a distinctive mountain in America featured in the ET movie.

Stephan Balkenhol of Stephen Friedman Gallery with elegantly hewn wood figures.

Oscar Tuazon at Maureen Paley exhibiting with gallery artist Gardar Eide Einarsson. Their work has a political focus, though here the isolated door has more of a feel of a ready-made.

Helene Appel of The Approach with a washing up series.

Andrew Cranston at Wilkinson Gallery with delicate paintings on hard covers of old books.

Gallery Run 31st January

51At The Approach. The penny has dropped! Helen Appel’s #canvasdeposits are actually painted! In this show curated by Jack Lavender her work strongly portrays the theme of detritus in domestic settings.

52Synaesthesia is the subject for Daria Martin at Maureen Paley Gallery. However she is interested in a stronger type called Mirror-touch Synaesthesia. People can actually feel a touch when they see it experienced by another.

53Making my way back from the Approach. There were two cats boarding their ship at The Limehouse Basin.