Gallery run 16th March

The day starts with a jog to Matt’s Gallery. The gallery is doing a sequence of short one week shows and with this fast turnover has quite an itinerary lined up. This week it is Mandy Ure, who I remember well from Goldsmiths. She had a great way of mixing random marks, from paint pouring and dripping, into purposeful compositions through subsequent blowing up and careful finishing with a paint brush. Her work today is reminiscent of the shapes under a microscope and her own purposeful action has become here a metaphor for the careful order maintained in the blob-like structures of cells.

A few hours later after seeing the works shown below I come to the last gallery of the day, Victoria Miro and see Jules de Balincourt. His paintings are from the imagination and a rather sublime one at that. Figures are dwarfed by a spectacular multi-coloured boulder. Though the image is physically small, it extends into the abyss of the viewer’s own imagination and stirs up a host of resident memories!

Mandy Ure at Matt’s Gallery with small abstracts.

Laura Gannon at Kate MacGarry with cut canvases painted with metallic pigments.

Michael Dean of Herald Street.

Amalia Pica of Herald Street showing a small cluster of castings of shell-like objects.

Francesco Arena of Sprovieri Gallery with a performance stool. It can only be sat on by someone whose age is 33, the difference in age between artist and father. A death will cause this interval to change and that will impede on the required age for the stool-performer.

Matthew Day Jackson of Hauser and Wirth with recreations of Dutch still life paintings made with DIY materials.

Leon Kossoff at Ordovas.

Lorna Simpson at Hauser and Wirth with delicate washes on screenprinted and newspaper images.

Jules de Balincourt of Victoria Miro with vividly coloured landscapes populated by crowds of small figures.

Gallery run 19th May

Lambeth Bridge, St Jame’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and on to Portobello Road. Into Coffee Plant cafe-gallery to drop off show press release. North to Regent’s Canal, East and then South to Timothy Taylor. Sadie Coles, Alan Cristea, Simon Lee, Pilar Corrias, and South over Lambeth Bridge to Newport Street Gallery. Then South to see Turner Prize nominee Michael Dean at South London Gallery.

201Inspired by gallery travels.

202Michael Dean at South London Gallery with flat standing sculptures. Loved this pebble dash one.

203Antony Gormley at Alan Cristea Gallery has produced intricate block-print surfaces to create a richly textured black surface on the paper. The reflection is the only way I could get it across.

204Elizabeth Neal at Pilar Corrias with gestures and sprayed spots of paint. Landscape motifs are just discernible.

205Alighieroboetti artwork featured at Ibid Gallery with labour-intensive lines featured close-up.

206Sarah Crowner at Simon Lee Gallery with more great canvas dislocation pieces and some tiling. A new pentagon pattern discovered by mathematicians this year is featured.

207Jeff Koons’ artwork at Newport Street Gallery.

208Had a peek before entering the show at South London Gallery. Congratulations to Michael Dean of Herald Street for his nomination for the Turner Prize.

209Ryan Sullivan at Sadie Coles HQ with a new moulding process. The viewer literally looks from inside the painting out.