Gallery run 14th November

Gallery run.

Sterling Ruby of Gagosian had commandeered huge welding tables and attached pans and faucets. The effect is a sort of romanticised blue-collar aesthetic.

Andrea Buttner at Hollybush Gardens has made a great version of the azure blue ceiling in the Arena Chapel at Padua by Giotto.

Torey Thornton of Stuart Shave Modern Art with paintings and objects closely relating to paintings. These seem to deliberate on nature and abstraction and the relation between them. Here we see chromosomes in an abstract composition.

Doug Aitkin of Victoria Miro Gallery with glowing sculptures depicting our Information Age.

Celia Paul of Victoria Miro Gallery with delicate portraits.

Peter Davies of Approach Gallery with gestural-abstraction-works inspired by small structured studies. The transition from study to the movement of paint splattering is unclear, which is a good thing.

Hana Miletic at Approach Gallery explores the craft heritage of Croatia and its capital Zagreb . Some of the work is aesthetically attractive, some is edgy and interesting. A zig zag of woven fabric copies the blue tape over a broken window that the artist had photographed.

This week’s update on the Gallery Runner route (yellow line). A longer run down the Regent’s Canal has taken the route off the map and onto the frame surrounding it. Lovely run, with sun and galleries. Today was 31 miles. Divide this by 20 and we get the body mass burnt off which is 1.55kg.
Here’s a thought. All too often such discussion leads to the “health” of losing weight, but isn’t the exact opposite the amazing thing. That the human body needs to use so little resources to propel itself round this distance. It will be about 50 of these runs before I have even used up my own body weight!

Gallery run 22nd October

Njideka Akunyili Crosby at Victoria Miro with immaculate complex images, including print transfer, on a thin support.

Giuseppe Gabellone of Greengrassi showing at Bloomberg Space. Casually laid out pastel coloured fabric transforms the space.

Alex Hartley at Victoria Miro with a transformed space (comprising ruined building) in the canal running down the back of the gallery.

Sanya Kantarovsky at Stuart Shave ModernArt with Russian figures and glimpses into their lives.

Richard Serra at Gagosian with a giant walk through steel labyrinth.

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro with metal doors appearing to have extruded some metallic sausage like substance. Group show Protest.

Doug Aitkin at Victoria Miro with immaculately mounted shattered mirrors on the letters FREE.

Ruth Freeman at Beers London with painted images inspired by computer tablet hand gestures.

Robert Therrien at Parasol Unit with 70’s to 90’s retrospective.