Gallery run 1st October

1351Albert Oehlen at Serpentine Gallery. The bit I liked in his interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Serpentine was when the artist said he was sick of Turpentine and HUO quickly warded off the potential pun.

1352Albert Oehlen at Serpentine Gallery is showing this retrospective based on a mash-up of a curious unassuming work by a forgotten artist John Graham. This is the remix series. Spot the mermaid, text element, lock of hair.

1353There’s a message in Leake Street.

1354This is not a light. Ceci n’est pas une lampe, back here in Leake Street.

1355Jannis Varelas at Frieze Week with a stylish use of colour, gesture and detailed flowers.

1356Andre Butzer with Galerie Max Hetzler showing at Frieze Week.
This artist was mentioned earlier in the week by the great abstract painter Albert Oehlen as one of his favourites.

1357Alexandros Vasmoulakis at Frieze Week. What great colours in this abstract.

1358William Monk with Pace Gallery showing at Frieze Week. Lovely abstract work.

Gallery run 19th February

60’s classics at the Gagosian and David Zwirner and a jog along the Regent’s Canal. A show of prize-winning Alexander Calder-inspired artists at Pace and some loudspeakers.
91Simon Hantai at Timothy Taylor shows his 60’s innovative paintings which used a tie dye technique.

92Great garden on a barge at Regent’s Canal.

93Albert Oehlen at Gagosian Gallery on Grosvenor Hill using a retro laminate surface.

94Garry Simons at Simon Lee Gallery made these speaker units as part of an installation that gets across the feel of punk and grunge!

95Tom Wesselmann at David Zwirner is a show about his collages he made whilst still at college. Upstairs we see a fantastic end product.

96Saw this bag trolley on Piccadilly after leaving the last gallery of the day.

97Tara Donovan makes clusters and here her medium is the old slinky spring. This exhibit at Pace Gallery is in a show based around one of their great artists Alexander Calder. He is patron of a sculpture prize received by the exhibitors.

98Darren Bader produced a sound piece that hums low pitched tunes through the Alexander Calder- filled Pace Gallery.

99Haroon Mirza produces a sight piece that works well next to Darren Bader’s sound piece shown adjacent.