Gallery run 14th October

This week Mayfair and Vauxhall.

Helen Marten of Sadie Coles HQ showing at the Serpentine Gallery.

Borna Sammak at Sadie Coles HQ with popular culture imagery.

Silke Otto Knapp at Greengrassi.

Raymond Pettibon and Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner.

Toby Ziegler at Simon Lee Gallery with Google image trickery. Matisse’s iconic image (above) is matched by Google’s algorithms through resemblance to various objects -presumably keyboards resemble the chequered background of the painting.

Neo Rauch of David Zwirner.

Marc Camille Chaimoiwcz of Cabinet Gallery at Serpentine Gallery with this installation Enough Tyranny as part of a retrospective show.

Laura Owens at Sadie Coles HQ with abstract and figurative work.

New Cabinet Gallery building with windows designed by Marc Camille Chaimoiwcz. The window frame is on display at the Serpentine Gallery as part of this artist’s retrospective show there.

Gallery run 26th February

Cinema is a theme in two shows. LSD features at a third show and at both Corvi Mora and Greengrassi galleries there is domesticity with a twist.

10aIt’s opposite St Pancras station and is clearly a work of art, but by whom?

10bBridget Smith at Frith Street Gallery brings us cinema as spectacle. Light becomes object and chairs become sea!

10cJennifer Pastor presents Hand Made Knives 2015, with a fabulous cast-knife-block. We see traces of polystyrene holes and gaffer tape wrinkles.

10dChristies on Duke St St James has a fetching side door during refurbishment.

10eHeman Chong, represented by Wilkinson Gallery showing at South London Gallery. 1,000,000 blacked out business cards which you can walk on.

10fAdam Buick presents Rare Earth at Corvi Mora. He rubs grit and compounds he acquires from landscapes into his pots. Here the pot has become palpably warped due to the introduction of a mobile phone during the firing process!

10gLaura Owens’ style of symbols with drop shadows works well on this piece. The paper has perforations and a group of artists worked on this standard template shown at Rob Tufnell. Their remit was to emulate LSD packaging whilst adding artistic and additional ironic commentary of their own.

10hAlexandre De Cunha offers more bright-mundane and gives the objects spiritual worth in this excellent show at Thomas Dane entitled Freefall. Yes it is a parachute!

10iStan Douglas at Victoria Miro tells the story of the 1974 revolution in Portugal in The Secret Agent. He uses 6 screens and for good measure features a cinema.